Backup & Recovery


Why the Cloud?

• Reduced costs – No initial expense
• Flexibility and scalability – Only pay for what you use
• Easier upgrades – Can be done automatically via the Cloud
• Business continuity – Even if there is a fire, flood, theft or technology outage, your business can function as normal

Features & Benefits

• Backup desktops & servers– PCs, laptops…
• Suitable for any operating system – PCs, Macs etc…
• Optimal Security – Not accessible to anyone but you
• Guaranteed Data Protection– Stored in a secure UK based datacentre

Features & Benefits

• External – In the event of fire or theft, you’re covered
• Peace of mind – Once configured, it works fully automatically
• High availability – Your data is always available
• Automatic reports, easy monitoring – you are always up to date about the status of your backups

Features & Benefits

• No initial investment – no need to invest in hardware or software
• Low cost of ownership – only needs to be configured once
• Easily restored – very fast and easy
• Versions – allows you to go back weeks to restore the desired version

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We have been very impressed with the response times of the support provided and the expertise of the team. They have also replaced several items of "kit" with minimal disruption to our business, out of hours if necessary. We would recommend Amico unreservedly to any small business looking to outsource their IT support.

Sean Stephens Managing Director Stephens Accountants Ltd

A first class company for all IT communications/solutions. With friendly efficient team members offering excellent customer service along with a great response time to problem solving - they have it all.

Debbie Levine Service Manager Glisten Waters