Block Hour IT Support

Block Hour IT Support 

At Amico, we always go that extra mile, we understand that each company will have individual requirements regarding the level of IT support. So, we have tailored made packages that are appropriate for various businesses and their needs.


Signing up for a new contract whether it be a phone contract, or in this case, an IT support service can be somewhat daunting. For this reason, we also provide a Block Hour IT Support service, not only does it demonstrate our efficiency, but there is no monthly contract.

There will be times that you need instant IT support, and this is where our Block Hour IT service really comes in handy! You can simply select the package most appropriate to you, while you can remain in control of the support that you receive whether that is remotely or onsite. 

Amico has a fantastic team of fully qualified and trained IT technicians that can provide you with effective IT support when you need it most. We know how to get the job done, and best of all we do it with a smile. At Amico, we are passionate about helping businesses with the IT support needs and are continuously developing practical and innovative solutions. Our approach is what makes us stand out, as well as our extensive experience in IT support.

Key Benefits

What's Included:

Block IT Support options come in blocks of 5, up to 100 hours over the year & can be used for both onsite & remote IT Support including consultancy. Block IT Support lasts 1 year and cannot be rolled over. Our block hour IT support options are covered with the same service level agreement ensuring the same standard for all clients. 

5 Hours
10 Hours
25 Hours
50 Hours
75 Hours
100 Hours

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