Altaro VM Backup

VM Backup 

Altaro VM Backup for MSPs is a subscription program that allows you to provide Hyper-V, VMware and physical server backup, recovery and replication services for all your customers from a multi-tenant online console.


Through the Altaro VM Backup for MSPs subscription program you can roll out the latest and most feature-rich edition of Altaro VM Backup across all your customers with no upfront fees, through a monthly subscription. All managed and monitored centrally through a ground-breaking, multi-tenant Cloud Management Console (CMC), making things easy and hassle-free.


Manage and monitor all your customers’ VM and physical server backups and replicated machines through a single online console.

Pay per VM

Pay per VM (and any physical server) per month at the most accessible price in the industry.

No contracts

Minimum monthly subscription that includes up to 10 VMs a month; you can scale up to 1,000s of machines.

Provide offsite storage

Back up your customers’ VMs and physical servers to their servers, the cloud or your own servers and bill for storage consumption.

Benefits of the Altaro VM Backup for MSPs subscription program 


Monitor, initiate backups, replicate, restore, track billing and much more across all your customers.

Altaro’s ground-breaking Cloud Management Console (CMC) is a cloud-based management platform that enables MSPs to centrally manage and monitor all their customers’ VM and physical server backups from a single online console, for greater speed, efficiency and convenience.


Designed to manage multi-customer environments, each completely isolated from the other.

Real-time status updates & alerts

View live operation activity and backup results as they occur. Set instant email alerts for successful operations, warnings, failed operations and more.

Manage your backups/restores

Start backups, configure replication and backup locations and restore machines directly from the online portal.

Customer reporting

Report on machine backup usage by customer for easy billing and invoicing.

Used by 50,000+ customers worldwide, Altaro VM Backup is a reliable backup solution for Hyper-V and VMware-based virtual machines.

Altaro VM Backup is straightforward to use, while its powerful features make it a reliable solution every MSP would want to have to keep their customers’ data safe.

Get a powerful backup and replication solution packed with robust functionality and great performance at an unbeatable value, backed by outstanding 24/7 support. Through the MSP program you will gain access to all features, including the WAN-Optimized Replication functionality, that enables users to be back up and running in minimal time should disaster strike.

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