Who Are Amico? 

Welcome to Amico IT Services, let’s start by explaining who we are, and how we can help your business.
Amico IT is an IT Managed Service company that is located in Pontefract, West Yorkshire. Amico IT was established in
February 2017, and has enjoyed a great start in the Managed Services market.

We understand that technology is ever-changing and evolving. However, the unfortunate aspect of relying on technology is that we will sometime encounter faults. So how can you combat these faults, or gain support? Well, with Amico of course! Our company was founded with the desire of providing SMEs with a complete managed solution with a hands-on approach.

We can assist you with a full solution to your IT support including; Office365, Security & Backup solutions, WIFI & Cabling services. Amico will support you on site, or remotely depending on the level of support or service that you require. The best part about us we love what we do, and that is helping our clients professionally, and developing lasting relationships in the process.

Our Values 

Friendly Approach 

We feel that as a complete IT solutions company, we don’t necessarily fall into the ‘norm’, but we feel that it is our friendly approach is what makes us a company.


In order to provide you with solid IT solutions, we strive to create lasting partnerships with our clients, and will effectively become your additional team rather than an outsourced IT help-desk.


We are proud to offer the high level of service that we provide to our clients, and we do this through our keen eye for detail and our outstanding customer support.​

Personal Approach 

Our personal approach to innovative IT solutions means that your company will have the complete benefit of your IT services without concerns. Through our full IT support service, you can focus on your business, and we will take care of your IT needs with effective support.

When it comes to active IT support it can be challenging to locate a company that you can trust, but one that will provide you with outstanding support. The IT support market has seen a lot of growth, and it is becoming competitive. However, Amico is standing strong due to our healthy approach, culture and attitude towards our clients. We will provide you with a friendly face rather than waiting for a technician to answer your live chat request. So if you need effective, instant support from a transparent company then Amico is the perfect IT support service for your company.

IT Support About

IT Support 

When you need us, we will be there on site or remotely. Receive excellence in our SLA driven IT support.​

Security Feature 2


We will take care of all aspects of your company’s security requirements and defend your network against latest threats.

Backup Features


With local and cloud based backup solutions, we will provide your business with disaster recovery and continuity solutions.

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